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A story of freshness


Owner and creator

Deanna dias

We do so much with our hands from writing to washing, fixing, and lifting, hugging and loving that we tend to forget to take care of them. Our mission is to include our hands in self-care and mix luxury with empowerment!


This is why when we Press On, we Press On!

i was once a licensed cosmetologist who did nails in Pittsburgh PA then again in Raleigh NC. After I had my daughter in 2018 and became a FT mom I still had the passion to do nails so I started doing Press on Nails. I've been going strong ever since and you POP Girls have been keeping me going!


I am based out of Erie Pa and ship nationally and internationally. We aim to reach real queens making boss moves in their lives, homes, work, businesses, and families.


Press on Posse is here for you boo!

Use our hashtags! #POP #pressonposse #Popnails #PopLove #PopGirl

Meet Deanna
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